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Pumpkin Patch

Pet friendly accommodations?

Travel with Pets

Looking for a dog park to bring your furry friend? 

We have one right here in Bonavista, along with a pet friendly boardwalk (picture on the left).

And if you're traveling here, you can find one in Clarenville to give them a little stretch (picture on the right).


We have 2 vets here on the Bonavista Peninsula, you can find them in the picture below or if you want directions you can

Travel with Kids

Kids can get messy, if you want an accommodation with a washer and dryer

There are several playgrounds in the area and along the way, just so your kiddo can stretch for a minute! Here are 2, one that you might find great while you're staying in Bonavista (picture on the left), and one that will break up the drive (picture on the right)!

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