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What is a Harbour Pass?

The Harbour Pass is the official adventure passport of Harbour Fall Fest! You'll use it to earn stamps to document how much you experienced and explored the region and the featured locations! Earn the stamps at each location to be entered to WIN our grand door prize!


How does the Harbour Pass work?

Pick up your Harbour Pass at Ye Matthew Legacy Building. Fill out your contact info on the back of the stamp portion. Get your Harbour Pass stamped at each featured location on their designated space.

When you're done adventuring or collected all the stamps, your can tear off the stamped perforated section and drop it in official drop boxes. These drop boxes can be found at all featured locations. You get to keep the map portion as a little keepsake!

Collect all stamps to be entered to win the grand door prize, there will be consolation prizes! Stay tuned for updates on these prizes! 

Photo By: Mark Gray

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