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Let's start this story off at the beginning; it's been a rough couple of years on everyone, in one way or another. The mindset that safety comes with isolation and distance seems to have clung to us, and we find ourselves forgetting how much we truly need eachother.

The summers here are always a breath of fresh air, immersing ourselves in welcoming visitors to our neck of the woods. But then the fall comes, everything slows down, the visitors leave, and take with them the excitement of the adventures they had here and the lively hustle and bustle. So it only makes sense that we have to try to extend that sense of togetherness and community that we crave!

This fueled the idea of a fall festival, and the beginning of Harbour Fall Fest! We keep the excitement and fun going, while bringing the fall flare that everyone loves! Embrace the changes and the, harvesting, if you will, of all the memories made from past seasons.

Our purpose is to bring the community and visitors together to celebrate the change in season and embrace the new adventures that the fall brings us! We can't wait to see you here!

Meet the team: Harbour Fest Inc.


We are Harbour Fest Inc., a Not For Profit, located in Bonavista, NL. We set out to bring a sense of community and connection to locals and visitors, by organizing a festival, Harbour Fall Fest, for when everything slows down in the fall season. We started this adventure in 2022, after we picked up the pieces that a global pandemic left behind, and realized that people really do need people, and Harbour Fall Fest is the place to come to reconnect!

We can't wait to meet you here!

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